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Bits n Bobs

Bits and Bobs Subscription Plan


Digital download kits- size 11 x 8.5 inches

PDF files of royalty free files, such as musical scores, receipts, letters, advertisements....

This will be a huge repository of digital files for you to

use in both digital and physical products which you make and sell or use for personal creations.


  •  Please do not share any online content with others that do not belong to our group. Thank you.

  • From time to time I may do a video for all.

  • I hope to share some resource links for all….maybe a YouTube tutorial, or a place to find bargains, or a place to find materials and tools, or a place to find other information for those who make paper creations.

  •  You will be automatically renewed each month with the option of opting out any time. Once you stay in for 6 continuous months, you receive a surprise "Thank you" package.

  • Online group is limited to 20 thru December 31, 2022. After that, there is a possibility that I will increase the number. 

  • IF I decide to send happy mail, I will eventually ask for your mailing address, but it is not required to join this online resource group.

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