WHAT TO SAY (3)....

Quoted from: https://www.howlifeunfolds.com

To congratulate someone on buying a new house. Be the first card on their fridge.


To recognize made-up holidays. Happy Lumpy Rug Day. Because apparently that’s a thing.

To make fun of a friend’s fantasy sports team. Sometimes the message board isn’t enough to get your point across.

To share a drawing. When words fail, there’s always art.

To thank your future boss for interviewing you. Cards stand out. Emails get filtered out.

To thank your great neighbors for being great neighbors. A good neighbor can be hard to find. Treasure the good ones.

To thank a client. When was the last time you remember someone raving about the “really thoughtful” email they got?

To thank your parents. If only raising you was as easy as sending a card to thank them.