What to say when someone says, "Cards? Who sends cards these days?"

Well, maybe no one, but all of us should.


(There are plenty of answers.) I will be posting some each week for several weeks.

First list of answers (quoted directly from https://www.howlifeunfolds.com )

1.To thank someone for something small.

2. To say “Happy graduation.”

3. Welcome to the real world.To congratulate someone on getting their driver’s license.

4.No texting and driving. Always best to send a card.

5.To celebrate a new year.

6.To congratulate someone on getting a puppy.

7.To congratulate someone on getting a kitten.

8.To welcome a baby into the family. In about 18 years they’ll have time to finally read your card.

9.To “apologize” for not inviting someone to your wedding. It’s tough. A little thoughtfulness now can save a lot of awkwardness later.

10.To offer a random compliment.

(Purchase your card making supplies and get started on those notes aright away!)