What To Post on Instagram?

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Instagram Tips
Instagram Tips

What Should I Post on Instagram?

· Short video to explain a tricky action; example: how to tie a bow.

· List a few good IG accounts to follow that relate to your business.

· A behind-the-scenes look at your craft room or classroom.

· Show every card you make in class and some that your students do outside of class.

· Humor.

· Highlight your team.

· Highlight a team member who accomplished a goal or joined your team. (Made next level – silver elite)

· Give a shout out to yourself for something you are proud of

· Give a shout out to a team member or new recruit or a client

· Revisit and post older content.

· Be sure viewers know how to contact you.

· Highlight some favorite products now and then with a link on how/where to purchase from you.

· Snippet from your blog.

· Announcements. Example: when will the Holiday catalog be available?

· Tips. Lists. Cheat Sheet.

· Ask an engagement question. Example: What is your favorite paper in the Holiday catalog?

· Discounts.

· Special offer: Paper Share.

· Contest.

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