Tailwind, IG, Pinterest

Updated: Feb 13, 2020



Schedule an Entire Week of Pins in 20 Minutes Flat

Some of you asked about an app to post to both IG and Pinterest. TAILWIND does.

Create 10 Pins in 1 Click, Anywhere

Fill up your queue on any site with the Browser Extension and Board Lists.

Friendly Analytics for Every Pin & Board

See what's working at a glance with Pin Inspector & Board Insights.

Schedule Pins Like a Pro

Spread content out over weeks with Interval Pinning & a drag-and-drop calendar.

Design your graphic, add hashtags, your contact info….post.

Tailwinds will schedule your posts on the best days at the best times!

You can batch post….in other words, you can make enough posts for an entire week and forget about posting until the next week.

AND there’s more! Take a look!!! I absolutely love it!