Stay in Place Activities


Donate to food banks and homeless shelters. Check with your local food bank, meals on wheels, boys/girls clubs, homeless shelters, etc., and see what their needs are. Many have online donation links or Amazon wish-lists.

2. Adopt a Nursing Home. Adopt a home and send encouraging notes to residents. Get your kids involved – I imagine many shut-ins would be particularly delighted to receive a drawing from your 8-year old!

3. Check on your neighbors, even if you have never met them.

4. Become a crisis text counselor.

5. Try to connect needs. So – do you know a graduate school student who used to wait tables? Perhaps they can become your nanny or your child’s tutor. Know someone struggling to make ends meet? Help that individual AND your local mom-and-pop restaurant by sending a take-out meal or restaurant gift card to their home.

6. Be gracious, generous, and considerate. Tip way more than necessary. Greet people in stores with a smile. Let someone in line ahead of you. Everyone you encounter (from 6 ft away, of course), is likely enduring some additional stress right now. Extend grace.

7. Connect with one another. Call someone daily. Write encouraging notes. Enjoy some down time within small groups.

· Call/Skype/FaceTime/Zoom with family members

· Look at photo albums and discuss family heritage

· Go outside and greet and talk to neighbors and passersby from a safe distance

· Attend a virtual concert or church service, or exercise or yoga class

· Play an online game together

· Read books about your culture

· Virtually visit more than 1,200 museums around the world via Google Arts & Culture

· Meditate or do yoga

· Journal or read

· Exercise