Updated: Feb 13, 2020

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Trying to create an online presence for your Stamping business? Begin with one instrument, conquer it, and then move one. You should be collecting emails all the time from any source you have available. One of the very next platforms to be successful is Pinterest. You can showcase your products, link to your website, encourage traffic to your website and Facebook page.

It’s easy to beg for sales, promote your products, and tell how wonderful you and your business are; in other words, you are begging for attention. You need to be contributing useful information via the pinning of other items that are consistent with your brand/product. If you are selling home furnishings, then post images of themes in a certain room, or colors that work well together, or where and how to hang pictures, or how to have the perfect lighting for a bedroom. Follow that 80/20 rule (or at least 70/30) where 80% is from someone else’s boards.

Pin LOTS. Several times a day, several different times, several days. No time? Let Tailwind do it for you! It is wonderful for pinning to Pinterest and to Instagram.

Design your graphic, add hashtags, your contact info….post. Tailwinds will schedule your posts on the best days at the best times! You can batch post….in other words, you can make enough posts for an entire week and forget about posting until the next week. AND there’s more! Take a look!!! I absolutely love it! TRY IT FREE by using this link:

This is my affiliate link. Thanks for allowing me to show this program to you. You will love it so much that I know you will subscribe! It allows you to schedule pins for an entire week in just day, and forget about them til next week when you pin more!)

(I plan to discuss Tailwinds and other graphic programs as the days/weeks go by.

Pinterest is a huge traffic driver for everyone. It is a huge Search Engine. A huge idea vat. A tremendous traffic highway. This sort of traffic has led to sales not just in the U.S. but all over the world. Although I have some posts about Pinterest in the Social Media Category, I try to gather helpful links and post here so you don’t waste your time going down useless rabbit holes all over the Internet. If you have some links that you have found helpful, please send them to us on our contact page. We appreciate collaboration!

One other thing, don’t forget that Pinterest is a very much a visual search engine. It’s a way to communicate via your amazing photographs and pin designs. Stay tuned for more on the visual aspect of Pinterest in a near future blog post.

Happy Pinning! Post a link if you wish!