Pinterest Sections and Pin Codes

Raining, pouring, pounding. I LOVE rainy days. Love the sounds as I sit and surf. The damp, cool weather makes me want to sit around in my fuzzies and read, sleep, and research/type/work. My retirement hobby is selling Stampin’ Up and teaching others to use SU products. I use Social Media to market my SU services.

I am working on Social Media ideas today, more specifically, organizing my Pinterest boards a bit better. I have deleted some and added some. I also made some sub-sections in a few boards. Did you know you could do that?

Go to Pinterest.

Pinterest will come up like the illus. Click on your Profile and then on the word Boards. Then click on one board.

Your pins on that board will come up. Across the top of that page, there will be the title of the board, and above that are some tiny gray icons.

+ The plus sign means you can add a section/folder INSIDE that board.


You can create a pin.

A section is like a folder inside a folder and you can describe it just like you do any board. Inside a board called “cards” you could make sections called “Christmas, Birthday, Get Well….” Great organization idea. This is also helpful when you make pins in say, Tailwinds.

The little pin icon means you can edit the board you have open.

The UpLoad icon lets you share the board on several social media sites. Take a look. This is really a neat way to quickly add content to your facebook or twitter accounts and to other places as well! Love it!

The last icon looks like a sun with dots around it. This creates what is called a Pincode. Do you know what a Pincode is??? Mine looks like this:

Quoted straight from this help screen on Pinterest:

“Pincodes are special codes you can create to share your Pinterest profile in the real world. When someone sees your Pincode, they'll use Pinterest Lens to scan it. If you have a personal account, you can set up a Pincode to redirect people to your profile. If you have a business account, you can set up a Pincode to redirect people to your profile or any board.

Pincodes can be created on your desktop browser or in the Pinterest app. Save the Pincode and share it so people can find you and your ideas on Pinterest.

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Create a Pincode for your profile

1. Go to your profile

2. Click on your profile picture

3. Click Download Pincode Create a Pincode for a board

Available to business accounts only

1. Click into a board

2. Click the Pincode button

3. Click Change Image to change the Pincode image or click Download Pincode

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Share a Pincode

When displaying your Pincode, the circular part of the Pincode should be a minimum of 1.5 inches in diameter to be reliably scannable. If you're printing the Pincode on a physical object, you'll want to print the Pincode on a flat surface so the Pincode will be legible.

Make sure you own the rights to the image for your Pincode, as with any other Pin you create on Pinterest.”

Happy Pinning!