Pinterest: How to ...Part 1

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

Appeal to Your Pinterest Followers thru Visuals and Descriptions and Hashtags

There are more than 100 million per month Pinterest viewers for ideas, new products, and inspirations. You can target very specific audiences in your content. You can win by posting very relevant and shareable content in strategic places. Re-pinning of your pins will spread like wildfire, especially if you also start joining other board groups. Why? That pinner’s followers will also see your pins! Flirt with them. Entice them. Go for it!

Your Visual Item is the most important part of a pin. Your description is the second in importance. Also, your “alt description” becomes the pin description when saved in Pinterest. Pinterest functions just as SEO does in Google, and you want Pinterest to pull up your pin every time it can. Without a description you are missing out on a chance to connect with your readers and add SEO.

Visual Tip: The pin needs to look complete and valuable. Remember the best standard for pins is 900 px tall ×600 pixels wide.