Passwords and the 4 August Transition Web Site

It’s a brand-new Stampin'Up site; NOT this site!

Account information and passwords still work with the new site.

However, while old bookmarks and links will forward to the new store, your browser will see it as a new site. If you rely on your browser to remember login information (registered email address and password), the first time you log in, it will not associate the new site with that saved information. If you have forgotten the password, click the “Forgot Password” link on the new online store’s sign-in page and follow the steps to reset the password. (The password reset email will come from Adding this email address to the contacts list in your email program and/or searching for email program’s spam settings can help ensure you receive the email.) Should you run into any problems, there is a link in the password reset window to a page with additional information.

Remember, if you have trouble accessing your account, Demonstrator Support can also

help you reset the password!