Paint like a Pro


I LOVE the versatility of the Stampin'Up Blends. So many colors to chose from, to combine, to blend! You will have so much fun that you will want to try every one of them! If they are new to you, I have put together a few tips to help you get started. Don't be afraid; just experiment and enjoy the creativity! (SHOP)

At first glance, you don't even notice blending on this card, but look closely at the flower. There is a darker pink and lighter pink BLENDED so you do not see a distinctive difference. You don't see a line between the 2 shades. Isn't that a neat technique? You have got to try these pens. Beautiful possibilities!

1. Blends tend to bleed through. Be sure to put another layer of paper under the one

you are coloring.

2. Use SU Whisper White THICK card stock.

3. Use Memento Tuxedo Black ink pads.

4. Be sure to keep the caps on pens ALL THE TIME except when actually coloring. Since they are alcohol based, the ink tends to dry/evaporate quickly.

5. Begin with a light color and shade with the darker color.

6. Don’t forget to use the color lifter when blending. The Color Lifter will allow you to reduce ink coverage to create even deeper shading.

7. The color lifter also allows you to “erase” those little “mistakes” outside the lines.

8. The color lifter can be used to get the correct skin tone.

9. Use small circular motions when coloring instead of straight lines.

10. Color small areas at a time because the alcohol quickly dries; the ink needs to stay wet as you paint and blend and lift.