New Online Store! Update 1

I hope you are as excited as I am for the new online store launches on 4 August in North


The new online stores are designed with the new-to-Stampin’ Up! casual customer in mind. SU made many changes to make the shopping experience as simple as possible. SU is working to be a good partner in consumer privacy trends and individual data ownership. SU redesigned our online store with both regulatory and consumer behavioral considerations in mind, which led to changes in the way users can check out in the online store.

Online store customers can now check out:

• As a registered user (with an online store account), or as a guest (without an online

store account).

• Having selected a specific demonstrator or choosing to have one automatically assigned for that transaction.

· Customers can manage the demonstrators they shop with in their account section under My Account > Demonstrator.

Customers can choose to opt in or out of receiving marketing communication from each of their demonstrators. They may opt in during checkout or at any other time in the Communication tab under My Account. This option will not be offered during guest checkout because these preferences must be tied to an account.