Make IG Posts Stand Out


1. How can I optimize my Profile?

  • o Profile Image: Include a bright, happy photo of yourself; NOT a picture of your pet or favorite vacation spot. Be personal and approachable.

  • o Hashtag: add at least one in profile

  • o Bio: list about 3 items that succinctly describe your career or what you do. Add at least one

  • o Link: include a link to your business webpage or Facebook page.

  • o Description: hashtags!

2. How can I appeal to viewers?

  • o Attractive, consistent colors

  • o Pleasing layout

  • o Visually appealing

  • o Clear images

  • 3. Can you Increase engagement?

  • o Use between 12 and 30 hashtags

  • o Follow related hashtags

4. Do you have a business account? It is a MUST! (advanced features)

  • o Dissect your analytics.

  • § Number of followers

  • § What % were men vs, women

  • § Number of likes

  • § Number of impressions

  • § Number of posts and comments

  • § How many emails received or website visits?

  • § Did you respond to your own content?

  • § Repeat the posts that brought you the largest audience or positive actions


  • o Emoji

  • o “cool”

  • o “nice post”

  • o “yes!”

6. Content suggestions

  • o Videos that teach or inspire

  • o Share something you read from internet

  • o Post your own memes

  • o Ask questions that you know will bring meaningful discussions

  • o Testimonials

  • o Proof of sales

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