Love to Travel?

I sure do! As far back as I can remember, my parents traveled somewhere during the summer for a week. It was a respite for them from a boring, production line job for my mom who would have loved to be home - sewing, cooking, crocheting, knitting, or anything creative rather than sitting in one place all day do a repetitive motion all day. Yes, she did take pride in doing that job well, but I know she looked forward to weekends and vacations.

The first time I was ever inside a factory of any kind was when I was taking a college class for teachers. It was to help us see how school and factories were connected and to help us know better how and what to teach. As I watched the workers on the assembly line, sitting and doing the same thing over and over - for 8 hours no less! Tears began to form in my eyes and roll down my face! I didn’t know until just that moment just how much my parents sacrificed for me to have a college education. They were so proud of me. You see, my dad did not graduate from high school; my paternal grandparents were sharecroppers. My maternal grandmother had about 4 years in elementary school and my grandfather went through about the eighth grade. You see, I was the first college graduate. And, I was going to be a TEACHER. THEY WERE SO PROUD OF ME! And, I didn’t let them down. I graduated 4th from the top in a high school class of 166; graduated with honors from college; graduated with honors when I received my Master’s degree. I continued taking classes all my life because I LOVE TO LEARN NEW THINGS! I authored an instructional book for HTML for web design students who were taking online classes at a nearby technical college. I had a professor who encouraged me to obtain my PhD and use that book as dissertation material, but I did decline that.

I have taught 38 years in public school in South Carolina – middle school life, e

arth, and physical science; high school chemistry; college Intro to Computers 101; high school career center web design, Adobe Photoshop, and 3 levels of Microsoft Office. And, yes, I was ready to travel again or to relax on my back porch with my coffee and laptop and miniature rat terrier. BUT I loved teaching and I love to learn. And guess what???

AND, even now, at age 72, I STILL TEACH!


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