Is your Goal to drive traffic to your Website?

Your CTR Formula: Link Clicks divided by Closeups x 100. If this number is over fifty percent, you are doing well. Keep working to increase this number even more.

  • Impressions 18.4 k

  • Closeups 1.2K

  • Saves 95

  • Link Clicks 814

With the above example, the CTR is 68%. This is a great click-through rate, but look at your analytics every month so you can see what’s performing over time.

This is a great way to keep track of the traffic Pinterest is driving to your website. In fact, I can’t resist looking at the end of every week!


  • 300 Million people use Pinterest every single month

  • Fifty percent+ of Pinterest’s traffic comes from outside the US, so the value of Pinterest is truly global

  • Eighty percent of Pinterest users are accessing via their mobile device

  • Pinterest can be responsible for driving 75% of your website’s traffic.

  • Some have gained approximately from 200 t0 800 and more Pinterest followers per month.

Pinterest stands apart from any other social media network because of it’s lifespan of the content.

The average lifespan of a pin is 3 months, although can be well over 1 year+ for extremely high performing pins. Facebook lifespan may be 5 or 6 hours, while posts on Twitter might be 20 minutes and Instagram can be gone in minutes up to a couple of days.

Pinterest can have a huge massive impact to your website traffic and business.