Instagram Tips

œ Increase your presence and increase engagement with both your Pinterest boards and Instagram with FREE advertisement.

· Challenge your fans to finish a Pinterest project and post a picture of it on Instagram. Be sure to encourage the use of hashtags so that you can easily search for the images.

· Have your fans post their Instagram images of your brand on Pinterest. When your fans post an image of your brand on Instagram, you increase engagement and increase your presence on the platform.

· Make fan boards. Make Pinterest boards with your fans’ photos. Fans love to be recognized, so featuring their images on your boards is a win-win


1. MY CHALLENGE for Stampin’Up lovers. See my Pinterest project on my board named “UpCountryStamper” that asks you to design a card front using the sketch posted. Post a picture of your final product on your Instagram and one of your Pinterest boards. Please provide a link back to my board. Use the hashtags on Instagram and Pinterest. #UpCountryStamper #stamps and dies #scrapbooking

2. Email a link to both of your postings.

3. Everyone that completes and posts on IG and Pinterest, will have their name entered in a contest and one name will be drawn to receive a $20 gift certificate from my shop. (gift certificate to be used by the end of March 31, 2020) (Can only mail to USA)

œ At the bottom of your emails, display your Instagram imagesor any hashtag related to your business in your emails.

œ Promote your online presence by adding social media buttons to your website and blog.

o Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

o Instagram tends to go heavier on the hashtags and you might want to craft a slightly different description for images posted to Facebook

œ Add a video to Instagram

œ Have creative content they would want to share

œ Communicate. Ask and answer questions and make comments. Form a relationship. This may even be your best way of gaining followers.