Everybody is Stamping!

Even my cat is searching for just the right ribbon - black organza! She LOVES ribbon!

I don't know if she smells it or hears the ribbon and cardboard together, but I don't think I have ever gotten out a piece of ribbon without her insisting on helping to measure it! Anyone else have this kind of helper? I even cover it up as you can see, but she finds it! If I tie a piece to a chair she doesn't want it. It must be loose and it must be something that I don't want her to have. LOL.

Everybody in your neighborhood should be stamping as much fun as it is!

Potluck lunch, muffins for brunch, coffee and a card and chat, all day cropping/stamping day, Saturday retreat, weekend retreat. I mean you will learn new friends and have a ball with them. Just one creative session and you will be hooked (well we aren't fishing) so I guess is should be "You will be stuck like glue!"

I'm serious. These paper crafting days of creating artistic products is just more fun than a cat on a hot tin roof! Please contact me today about classes and/or joining my team: Email questions to UpCountryStamper@gmail.com