Did You Know this about IG?

Did You Know?

Did you know that at least 75% of Instagram viewers visit a website that was featured in an advertising post?

Instagram is a great way to advertise your direct sales business.

For example, if you are a demo for Stampin’Up, showcase stamp sets along with a project made that uses the set. Showcase a new catalog. Show a picture of your team having fun. ALWAYS post the items that you make.

Did you know that you can post photos, videos, AND do a livestream from within the app?

Instagram should be used daily for your business. Tip: Use Tailwinds.

Did you know your IG needs to be set up as a business profile? Why? You will want to view your analytics, use IG information for targeting and for placing ads and what-type of ads. You will also include your contact information to make it easy for an excited visitor to reach you.

Did you know that IG allows you to create a relationship between you and clients?

Use Instagram Stories and Instagram Live by engaging with fans. Photos of customers using your products would be great! OR, you can use your customers graphics and comments on your FB or website (after you receive permission!).

Show your appreciation for your clients. Post fewer stock photos and show more real-life photographs. Post to document attendance at an event, or highlight teams, or customers.

NOW that you KNOW, what’s stopping you from using Instagram?