Brushos are the bomb!

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Brusho® is a one-of-a-kind water-based, super-pigmented paint medium. You NEVER know what the results will look like! It is tons of fun! If you like the unpredictable, then these are for you! Get down and dirty and go to it! Just be sure to wear old clothes or cover up. (PS: You may apply 2 or more powders to discover wonderful color combinations!

Materials needed:

Fairly large acrylic block

Various sizes of paint brushes

Water spritzer

Removable tape

Watercolor paper

Brushos with a pin hole in lid that can be closed with a push pin

Some beginning trial and error fun:

1. Remove push pin and gently shake some Brusho onto paper. Less is best when learning. If you can see the powder on the paper, stop applying powder. Spritz lightly with water. You can apply more powder/water if needed. Blot with paper towel if you have too much water.

2. Sprinkle powder on large acrylic block. Spritz. Mix with tiny brush or toothpick. Apply more powders/water if you wish. Smoosh watercolor paper onto the acrylic block. Pick up the paper and smoosh other places if you want to.

3. Tape edge of a stencil to a paper. Sprinkle powders and apply water. Let dry. Remove stencil. What do you think?

I will add more tips in the coming days. I long to make videos, but just can’t seem to get started. I have posted some pictures of items from our first Brusho class. This was a technique class on the fourth Saturday. Second Saturdays are stamping and folding classes. Fourth Saturdays are technique classes.

Video by Stampin'Up