Session Topics for Save and Stamp Workshop

These classes are for registered participants only. Registration deadline has passed. I DO have an idea ebook with 50 stamping hacks  $7.95

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Image by Elena Koycheva

April 27

Image by Elena Koycheva

 May 7

Image by Elena Koycheva

April 29

Image by Elena Koycheva

May 5

  • Using designer napkins to make cards and other paper products

  • Use the 2 white layers that you might think should be discarded.

  • Use what you have or share one of my packages with a friend who is also taking this class.

  • Napkins can be purchased here:

  • How to use white good quality white napkins, toilet paper, junk envelopes, and who knows what else :) 

  • We will be using embossing folders and an embossing machine today. Share a friend's or use your own. Sorry, I don't have a "make it" for the machine or folders. (: 


  • without an extra layer

  • never need color cardstock

  • using dies to save paper

  • unusual background images

Backgrounds on which to stamp; we will mostly use black ink for the stamping part

  • household items

  • office items

  • garage and tool box

Need spray mister

Need at leaster one reinker; 

How about a game of bingo and some prizes like ribbon or 6 x 6 paper pack or notepads or ???


Anything we didn't cover yet

New techniques that I haven't decided on yet :)