Nov. 18:  New Christmas Kit 2022

PDF 1   (86.7 MB)

PDF 2  (39.1 MB)  

PDF 3   (53 MB)

I will probably add a few more items in a PDF 4 file, but that will be about a week from now. I want to add pockets and corner tucks.



Nov 11 added:

Christmas Kit - PDF




Great Resources

Occasionally I find some resources that I just have to share with you, so here are a couple.

>>>Marketplace, Ramona Anderson, has lace and more lace. When you click on her name in Marketplace, you will need to scroll WAY DOWN to where her laces show. Keep looking and keep looking. 

>>>One of my favorite digital kit designers and you Tube persons is Angela Kerr. If you haven't watched any of her videos, here is a link:

Just don't forget me after you take a look :))))

>>>Fun Things to Make: Tags by Paper Outpost

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Digi Files for November

>>> 4 large bookmarks PDF

>>> Butterfly Ladies ONE & TWO 

>>> Fashion Ads Zip 1, Zip 2 

>>> Cluster Starters PDF (This one may look a little strange when you open, but when you print they should be the right size. If you have issues with the printing, let me know!)